Case Studies - 2020 Digital Agency
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Case Studies

Our Approach

Below are couple of examples of how we helped established and successful businesses expand their client reach, improve client awareness and improve look and functionality of their website.


Let’s face it we are not all born “digital natives” we helped Lambourne Refrigeration who have been in business long before the commercialisations of the internet. Although Lambourne have an extensive and enviable client list and a trusted contractor to business and government bodies they were continuing to be judged by the 1990’s website, which at best served as an extension of the yellow pages directory.


“Judging books by their cover” At 2020 we take the time to understand the business and its processes from our meetings and investigation it was clear that some prospective clients with larger projects felt that the Lambourne website gave them the impression that the business specialised in smaller contracts, the fact the business had established contracts and relationships with the NHS and several multinationals simply was not conveyed. We also took the opportunity to develop custom widget to improve quotation computation resulting in much faster response time to tenders. Lambourne also wanted to convey that they still do small jobs as well as institutional tenders.