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About Us

We Work with Forward Thinking Clients

At 2020 Digital Agency we strongly believe that high quality software and ultra innovative IT-solutions make the wheels in the world turn faster. Therefore, our vision is to be at the center of ground-breaking knowledge and bring new and better technology to use when developing solutions for our customers. Through our unique business model we guarantee that we are on top of technology and ahead of competitors.


We believe that every brand has a compelling story to tell. We also know that the methods by which you communicate your brand stories are always evolving. In the digital space there are many possibilities for this. What we do best is explore the outcomes which are best suited to your brand and bring them to life.


Whilst our innate talents and expertise lie within web design and development, we consider online communications our focus. In today’s landscape that no longer means your web presence. It encompasses your web interactions, relationships and engagement with a wider audience. That’s why we consider social media an integral part of what we do. Contact us today to boost your brand’s digital interactivity.

 How we work

Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients

Small Teams

  • Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas.

  • Design and prototyping from day one.

Client as a partner.

  • Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business.

  • Putting users first transforms client organizations and how we work together.

 A simple, iterative process.





As a full-service digital agency, 2020 Digital Agency offer a complete range of creative, technical and marketing services.

Strategy and planning

Having a strategy and plan is vitally important to the success of any professional digital solution.

Web design and build

Creating visually stunning functional websites is our passion. Discover what our designers can do for your website.


We offer great hosting packages with top-level service from our team.

Technical solutions

Over 10 years experience in developing technically complex web applications for clients.

Digital marketing

Harness the power of Digital marketing for your business. Discover today what Digital marketing can do for you.


Branding is the process of turning your business and services into a household name by establishing a unique presence that makes you stand out from your competitors.